"The selection is oriented towards the product cycle"

According to our specialists know-how, the used assortment ranges from simple switching regulators to Micro-Controller up to FPGA-systems.

To keep the development costs down, we increasingly introduce more and more systems and assemblies of high quality from suppliers. Thereby we are rapidly and comprehensively able to support your solution of task.


Selection of assembly and components

The cycle times of electronic components varies much more significant than mechanic ones. This is more difficult for a change of processors and programmable consistency. A further complication is the software adjustment  to the new selected platform.

We design the system concepts in a way that the used components will satisfy the expected product cycles as well as a long-term availability.

Furthermore, if needed we select a second, comparable supplier for key components, which can help out in case of necessity. The system requirements of assemblies are reflected in our circuit layout as well as in our programming concept.