"successful products are based on the best possible planning"

The conceptual phase is the determining basis for a succeeding and sustainable product.

Any  of our system developments follow a consequently modularization to identify and exclude sources of error. It guarantees a high degree of reusability and allows an early prototypical, step by step development in the project progression.

Conceptual Phase and Project

During the conceptual phase we accompany your requirements and suggestions to refurbish and adjust a coherent concept with the required system architecture.

Requirement analyses will be the base for the entire development/design which analysis and rates functional and non-functional parameters. In this connection we consider the mechanic requirements as well as the following costs in programming and test coverage of your series production.

We systemically approach the hardware/software co-design and extend this procedure with mechanic aspects.

We aim the optimal combination of electronic, mechanic and informatics for:

  • safety
  • sustainability and
  • efficiency.