"In our electronic design we consider the thermally and mechanically requirements of the overall system”

The commissioning of complex systems will be performed in stages because of the opportunity of modular testing of the placed assemblies. This approach allows a step by step integration of high-complex installations.

The finished systems will be extensively system tested by us. Here, we firstly test the electronic fulfillment of the requirement and the whole system functions after the software completion.


Electronic Design

Based on the netlist of the using components, the circuit diagram will be designed and verified. The draft circuit diagram will be performed as an interface synthesis to connect all external cause variables and internal components in an optimal way.

After completion and testing of the circuit diagram, the design of the printed circuit board (PCB) begins. Here we especially consider the EMC-compliant design and the optimal installation and connection.

Following the design, the PCB will be manufactured and electrically tested by an external service provider.

The mounting will be performed by an external company as well.