"Software is the flexible link between electronics and mechanics"


Our spectrum of programming is based on:

  • Assembler,
  • C/C++, QT,
  • Java,
  • Verilog/VHDL.

In addition we have an extensive experience in programming of a variety of standard micro-controller and embedded real-time systems.

Software Methodology and Programming

Electronic, programmable devices offer great opportunities to leave free space in product development.

Software allows to connect and accord functionality to adjust functional connections which have not been completely specialized yet.

To achieve that, an exact differentiation of fixed not changeable parts in development process and flexible functionality has to be made. Afterwards we create a control – and network which is the base for programming.

For optimizing we refer methods of CPM (critical path method) or MPM (metra potential method).

The optimized data – and control flow graph are the base for programming and creation of test cases.