"to see the plastical impression..."


Our manufacturing drawings result from CAD-data. At this point the basis which enables transfer in series production will also be established.

The technical documentation is taken as a basis for prototypes manufacturing or functional model. It can be construct directly in our manufacture or by an extern service provider of your choice.        

Design Suitable for Production

Our engineers from the areas of

  • Engineering,
  • Mechatronics and
  • Construction

directly implement the with you developed concepts in three-dimensional shapes. Therefore we use and support the common formats and CAD-Software like:

  • ProE 4,5 Wildfire,
  • Catia,
  • AutoCad and
  • SolidWorks.

Hereby technical and functional connections will be tangible and a you get an idea of the overall system. A technical process simulation for a better visualisation of functional processes is possible.

Besides, the needed calculations for strength and lifetime can be accomplished as well as the selection of material.

For a subsequent approval we test consisting safety requirements and norms which will be considered directly in the design. Here we create the basis for successful approvals for developed innovative products.