"professional functional prototype within short time at minimal costs”

Furthermore, we make use of external service provider to provide processes from the area of:

  • stereolithography,
  • laser- und plasma cutting,
  • laser- und plasma welding and
  • sand mould - cast metal.

Any technology and procedure which we use for our prototype production, have been selected in terms of a subsequent series implementation.


Design Suitable for Production

With our attached manufacture we are able to transfer our construction file into a functional prototype within a short time.

Here we especially focus on combination of used assemblies to find out the detailed effects  of design and handling.

Our manufacture provides any CNC-based and conventional process of metal – and plastic technologies like:

  • Lathing,
  • Milling machine,
  • Wire-cutting EDM, Die sinking EDM,
  • Gearing technology,
  • Laser welding and
  • Automatic machine bending.