“Electronic and Mechanic form one unit”  

After procurement transaction, the individual assemblies will be mounted and a assembly plan will be provided as well. The assembly plan is the basic for processes of series production.

The assembly will be made step by step that we are able to control the sequential construction of electronic and mechanic.

Our modern manufacturing location provides any possible implementations from fine mechanics to bigger installations.


Step by Step Conflation

While creating the design, the parts lists will be prepared and listed in a complete list of accessory assemblies. This reduces following planning of series production as well as coming detailed proofing documents of supply chains.

Parts and assemblies which can not be manufactured as a module or which are not match with systems requirements, will be produced in our manufacture. There we comply with any requests from housing to complex gearing.

In the same way electronic assemblies of control engineering can be integrated as a module whenever it is needed.

To integrate movements, we go back to Festo pneumatic systems which we have adjusted with a own control for the needs of prototype development. Therefore we are able to support you promptly with known pneumatic interfaces.