“functional tests prove the interaction of electronic and mechanic – still time to optimise" 


According to usability requirements, long term working systems has to be tested with an extending test and trial phase.

We provide the development of automated test facilities which automatically cover extending test cycles for 24 hours, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Functional System Test

One of the most important tasks of system development are testing and proving. Firstly, we define extending test requirements and consistency to system requirements will be proved.

EMEC-Prototyping test requirements already result during the conceptual and construction phase. Only at this point it is possible to limit expected sources of error and to create according test cases.

Everyone in our company takes a schedule as a base which includes following points:

  • Test content and duration,
  • Test conditions,
  • required Test result,
  • achieved Test result and of course a
  • Test log.

Test content and size depend on the complexity and size of the design.

The further system optimisation takes place parallel to the tests in determined  testing cycles. Hereby the interaction of electronic and mechanic will be adjusted for the application.