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The EMEC-Prototyping GmbH provides electromechanical system development from concept to series production.

Our performances are proved with a variety of product developments and our quality is certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2008.

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Increasingly, electronic systems are the key for flexibility and innovation of electro–mechanically development. We accompany our customers, starting with the conceptual consulting of electronic development as far as the integration in series products.

Electronic will be controlled increasingly by software which consequences considerable challenges for development. For this reason, our service includes system requirement analysis as well as software verification.

A cooperative inspection of electronics and mechanics in system development open enormous potential for optimization and rise design sustainability as well. New products will be created and existing products will be better adapted to market needs.

The increasing complexity of electro–mechanically systems induces a variety of challenges. To face those challenges, we integrate simulations in the development as well as fault effect analysis and cost considerations.

Complex development requires an extending range of services to guarantee any aspects of succeeding and safe products. Besides system development, we support and develop solutions along the whole value chain with you.

By using our in–house production, we are time-saving and directly able to transfer our developed systems into a functional prototype. Our know-how of test development helps for a cost effective evaluation of your system.